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Aurora-215, Aurora-217, Aurora-219 – the so-called new amateur movie cameras, are designed at the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association (LOMO).

They are convenient to use in tourist trips, excursions and walks, as they are easy to operate, compact, and have low weight. Loading the cameras with film cartridge of the Type “S” (Super 8) is carried out in the light, easily and quickly. The cartridge charging system “KACCETA-8” allows to promptly replacing the film, if necessary.

The film drive mechanism of movie cameras is driven by a small-sized DC motor, which provides a shooting rate of 18fps. The exposure obtained in this case is equal to 1/48s. Four batteries of the AA type with a total voltage of 4.4-6V are used as power supplies for the electric circuitry of filming units. Other sources of direct current of the same sizes with a voltage of 1.1-1.5V each (For example, ЦНК-0,45 or AA batteries). Power sources are located in a special compartment of movie cameras. The compartment is closed by a lid, which is fastened by screws with slots. Voltage control of power sources is possible by a special button located on the housing of the apparatus.

The viewfinder of the movie cameras is TTL with a tap of the light from the lens. The eyepiece of the viewfinders has the opportunity of dioptric adjustment for the eye in the range ±4 diopters.

Movie cameras have color-correcting filters of Type A built into the lenses, which are manually controlled by a switch on the front of the body. The counter shows the amount of unexposed film remaining in the cartridge. The film counter scale is written in meters (M).

Before shooting, the counter scale is set to 15 and moves to 0 through the intermediate values ​​13, 11, 9, 6 and 3 during shooting. The counter is automatically activated when a cartridge is inserted into the camera. When the cartridge is removed, the meter is automatically reset to the starting position 15. The film shooting time of 15m (50ft), when working at a single frequency of 18fps, is 3min 20sec.

The main parameters of the movie cameras: The applied film 1x8mm Type “S”. The frame size is 4.22 x 5.69mm. The useful capacity of the cartridge is 15m. The viewfinder is reflex and provides non-flickering sight. The lens of the Aurora-215 camera is Agate-14 with a variable focal length from 9 to 27mm and a relative aperture of 1:2.8. The Angle of View of this lens is from 42° to 14″, the range of the iris aperture is from 2.8 to 22. The lens of the cameras Aurora-217 and Aurora-219T-55 with a fixed focal length of 12.5mm and a relative aperture of 1:2.4. The limits of the iris aperture of this lens are from 2.4 to 22. The control of the iris aperture of the lens of the Aurora-215 and Aurora-219 cameras is manual and automatic, Aurora-217 – manual only. The range of photo-sensitivity of the film used during the operation of the iris aperture in the automatic mode is from 22 to 250 GOST units. (similar to ASA) with a set-up knob on the connected motor Type Gnome-9SU-2.

Dimensions of the Aurora-215 – 212 x 178 x 65mm, Aurora-217 and Aurora-219 – 212 x 153 x 65mm. The price is 180 rubles, 90 rubles and 130 rubles respectively.

Weight of cameras in working order (with handle, cartridge and power supplies) does not exceed 0.8kg (1lb 12oz).

The launch of new cameras will begin in the second half of 1978.

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