Beaulieu 5008 S handgrip removal

1 – Remove skin plate washer (1) located under pistol grip.
2 – Undo pistol-grip retaining screw (2).
3 – Unstick plug-holder plate etched label (3),
4 – Undo all three screws (4) securing plug-bolder plate (5).
5 – Unsolder the black and red leads and the yellow lead from the plate.
6 – Undo both screws (4) retaining trigger holder (6).
7 – Remove trigger assembly.
8 – Unsolder leads from trigger assembly.
9 – Unsolder remote control, mic and earphone leads.

Keep note of the color information of the wires before unsoldering as you gonna need for soldering the correct polarities!

(The not numbered arrow assigned for the battery bloc cutaway seen above.)

Beaulieu 5008 S battery polarities

Sincere thanks to Dr. Lothar Schmidt from Germany for providing me with the 5008 polarity information.

Beaulieu 5008 S battery bloc cutaway

For more information, please have a look at the blog page Beaulieu 4008 (2008) DIY battery recelling. Most information available for 4008 is the same for 5008.