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All about the analog motion-picture technology by Erkan Umut (Istanbul, Turkey)

Document Collection

Erkan Umut’s Document Collection

1’ SUBJECTS (on amateur and professional fields – as classical and modern / old and new)

* Motion-picture Techniques and Technology
* Raw Stock and its Technology
* Every kinds of Motion-picture Equipment – Accessories (Products of Manufacturers from all over the World) and their Technologies
* Cinematography and Film Production Techniques
* Equipment Parts – their Designing and Manufacturing Technologies
* Sound Apparatuses – Accessories and their Technologies
* Sound Recording Techniques
(similar Photographic and other related subjects)

2’ PUBLICATION TYPES (old and latest documents)

* Product Brochures – Catalogs – Data Sheets
* Instruction Manuals – Parts Catalogs / Lists – Service Manuals – Technical Diagrams and Drawings
* Periodicals (Magazines)
* Publications of Societies and Corporations
* Company Introduction Booklets
* Books – Guides – Manuals
* Address Directories
* Encyclopedias
* Exhibition Catalogs
* Price Lists
* Feature Film Catalogs and Guides
* Equipment and Film Rental Catalogs


* English
* German (from West and East)
* French
* Russian
* Czech
* Hungarian
* Polish
* Japanese
* Chinese
* Uzbek
* Turkish

These documents have been obtained from manufacturers, publishers, agents, exporters, societies, organizers, second-hand book dealers and from people via mail or by visiting them (most of them have been obtained free of charge or as present – some have been paid).
It is a result of a hard and insistent work of many years!

Some personal notes as a serious fond of this business:

How has it been creating? – The Passion continues since the end of the 70s…

This could not be explained other than a word the “passion” or the “destiny”. Whatever you call, it means the same thing:
to be a hungry, an obsessed, and an insistent researcher for collecting documents of every kind of specific field, beginning with the CASTLE FILMS 8mm/16mm catalog which has been requested through mail, just after an address seen on an advertising poster in a very small Home Movies rental store located in Istanbul, lead me to an ever growing erudition repertory on my field, especially in motion-picture technology and techniques!

I have been corresponding almost with all enterprises in this field for collecting information and documents since 1979.

I have spend lots of time at Chambers of Commerce, Trade Representations of Countries, as well as followed many Journals whatever available during a period in which there was no internet to find the mailing addresses. It was a time of mechanical typewriters! I was writing and sending as many letters as possible. My postman was tired of carrying bulk postage finally.

Every manufacturer, dealer, distributor, society, exhibition organizer and institution like museums and schools, etc. in the world have got at least one letter from me, and I know the key professionals like founders, engineers and technicians, and have met some of them personally as well.

By the way, I have visited some factories and rental houses, etc., and I was the agents of some manufacturers in the past.

Please see more on the About my passion page


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